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My love/hate relationship with computers led me into publishing Web pages by April 1997. Then, because touring in our 1928 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan is so much fun, I volunteer as the Webmistress for two different Model A Ford clubs:

Would you believe that I have LOTS of photos of Model A Fords?

Genealogy has been a hobby of mine ever since I was a teenager. I gather family lore and official documents pertaining to family members and perfect strangers. As the Webmistress of Rajordan's Relatives, I publish these pages:


Kaleidoscope images for sale.

Also for sale: 8x10 press release photos of 29 astronauts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA.)


Other interests of mine are included in my own domain name,, which includes:

Some other Web pages I am or was responsible for - either I currently maintain them or I have created, assumed, relinquished, or maintained them in the past:

  • Lone Star MAFC - Lone Star Model A Ford Club - Based out of Georgetown, Texas, USA, this club is for people who love Model A Fords with tours, parades, shows, meetings, and breakfast every Saturday. These Web pages have photos of our Model A Fords. (created 1997- )
  • Rajordan's History - Some historical documents, some family lore, some facts, and some discrepancies. (created 1998- )
  • Texas MAFC - Tex-As Model A Ford Club - A Central Texas Region club, these Web pages show photos taken at the Annual Texas Tour June. (created 1999- )
  • RONA - River Oak Neighborhood Association - These Web pages were started to keep people informed of a proposed zoning change in the neighborhood. (created 2000- )
  • Road Relics - RR / CTR / AACA - Road Relics / Central Texas Region / Antique Automobile Club of America (assumed and maintained 2004-2005)
  • CCAS - Capitol City Model A Ford Club - Based out of Austin, Texas, USA, this club is into Model A Fords with parades, tours, shows, meetings, and breakfast every Saturday. (created and maintained 1998-2004)

Alas, there are a couple of Cob Webs that are long gone....

My philosophy. My rant about YAPs.

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